Jellyfish Invasion

When planning your Hawaii vacation you may want to consider the monthly invasion of box jellyfish. There is nothing worse than to arrive in Hawaii only to find out that you won’t be able to swim due to a box jellyfish invasion. Every month box jellyfish swarm onto the southern shores of Hawaii. The invasion usually lasts around 3 days. The behaviors of box jellyfish are extremely predictable which can be very useful in planning your vacation.

The box jelly fish typically arrive approximately 10 days after a full moon. The main purpose of the jellyfish swarm is for the jelly fish to mate. It seems conditions in Hawaii are perfect for mating 10 days after a full moon. The box jellyfish in Hawaii are approximately 1-3 inches in diameter and their tentacles can grow as long as 2 feet. The jellyfish are translucent which makes them very difficult to spot in the water, that is until you actually run into one! Lifeguards will post warning signs on the beaches when there is a jellyfish invasion. It’s always best to check with a lifeguard before entering the ocean to ensure that it is safe to swim. Also check the shoreline to make sure that it is free of jellyfish.

If there are jellyfish, some of them are bound to have washed up on the shore. If you are stung pluck off any visible tentacles using a towel, try not to use your fingers or you may be stung again. If you are stung see a lifeguard as they can render minor first aid or call for emergency service if necessary. You can check out the video I took of a jellyfish that has washed up on the shore at Waikiki Beach. There is also a Honolulu City and County run website that has a monthly schedule of when the box jellyfish should arrive.

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